At this stage of the project we plan to collect data on fiction published during the period of early Stalinism (1929-1940).

This volume will allow us to scrutinize the best method for handling bibliographic material applicable to other periods as well. In addition, we will first consider the data within the framework of a single epoch: early Soviet pre-Soviet pre-Stalinist literature, a contemporary of the epoch of great upheavals, which preserved the literati’s fresh impressions of the world war, civil conflicts, famine, epidemics, and a complete rethinking of human life.

This is where our dataset should be…

On this page we are going to present a dataset that is being prepared as part of the study. At the moment it is being finalized. Follow our updates!

You can read the interim results below.

The complete dataset for 1929-1940 is scheduled to be published in 2024.

Genre diversity


Gender balance